1963 Champ

Campfire Trailers, mobile shop horse trailer, mobile bar

This amazing 1963 antique horse trailer is painted CHROME all over. Imagine Airstream meets horse trailers. Brand new pine floor and reclaimed wood siding on the insides. $9,999.

1978 2-Horse

campfiretrailers.com, mobile horse bar

This extra-tall trailer has a side-serving window, blackboard door as well as two back doors that open out. Shelving up front and SOLAR lighting. Natural pine wood throughout. $10,999.

WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON: available soon

NEW! Fully Outfitted Horse Trailer Bar


This horse trailer is our first that seals up tight, has electricity, water system, stainless steel counters and benches and all the other items you’ve been asking for! $14,999.

NEW! Retro-Styled Complete Camper Bar


Roll up in this "new to look old" cozy camper bar! Stainless steel throughout, electricity, sinks, lights and all the other goodies you want and need. Fully customizable. $14,999.


1950's One-Horse

campfire trailers, mobile bar, horse trailer

SOLD- This unique single horse trailer traveled cross-country to rest poolside at a beautiful Airbnb ranch in Arizona!

1984 Kingston


SOLD- This pretty girl headed to Malibu, California to be a fun, mobile candy bar :)

1976 Cherokee

campfire trailers, mobile bar sales and rentals

SOLD- mobile bar sold for wedding events and special events in the Southern Tier of the US. They plan to fully customize.

1964 Crest Coach

campfire trailers, mobile bar, horse trailer, tiny homes, she shed, horse trailer conversions

SOLD- new owners are using for wedding events on their Airbnb property/to monetize their Airbnb social hour.

1971 Imperial

Campfire Trailers, mobile bar sales and rentals

SOLD- beverage company purchased this for a beverage-specific attraction. They will add their own decal wrapping.

1974 Cherokee

campfire trailers, mobile bars

SOLD- this trailer journeyed to Texas for a mother/daughter team about to embark on their mobile bar dreams!

1984 Shoop

Campfire Trailers, mobile bar

SOLD- this roomy aqua blue trailer is staying local and plans to become a classic mobile bar for Upstate NY events.

1966 Hale

campfire trailers, mobile bars, horse trailer conversions

SOLD- this trailer has become a beautiful hat millinery in Saratoga Springs, NY!