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Why Running a Mobile Business is More Profitable Than You Might Think

Most people assume agreeing to a 9 to 5 job in some office building is the most lucrative payoff

they can secure for their lives. In the mean-time, they grow weary of the redundancy and the

monotony, wishing they were outside doing something they loved while the sun rises and sets

from their desks.

Luckily for them: the nature of our economy is changing as we speak. The advent of the “gig

economy,” known as this new freelancing and independent contracting economy made

possible through the Internet and smartphones, is here to stay. It’s estimated that more than

half of the U.S. workforce will engage in the gig economy by 2020. A growing segment of this

new economy is the concept of hitting the road with your business, altogether in one van or

horse trailer.

Who doesn’t want to follow their dreams, travel the world, and make money while they’re

doing it? We’re going to look at the profitability of a mobile business below.

The U.S. Food Truck Industry

Recent statistics have shown that the U.S. food truck industry is going to increase from a

valuation of $803.8 million in 2014 to $996.2 million by 2020. Why are these food trucks so

popular? Simply because for a fraction of the normal cost, with a food truck, individuals can

launch businesses within a financial frame that actually works for them.

And that’s not all. Here are just a few reasons why running a mobile business, which can earn

up to $1,000 per day as just a rental item alone, is more profitable than you might think:

1. No Rent:

For a business hoping to open up shop on Brooklyn’s Court Street, covering just 500

square feet, they can be staring down $4,999 in rent per month. Although that rate is

lower in other portions of the state, it’s not exactly an expense you want to pay. The

pressure is off with a mobile business – you bring it to your buyers. If you don’t use it for

a day, you don’t waste money on rent. It’s at no risk to you.

2. Location Control:

You can physically bring your mobile business to your buyer. Let’s say you are after a

health conscious millennial consumer. You can park your business in Hudson, or New

Paltz, or New York City and bring your business to your ideal buyer. You don’t have to

wait around and “hope” that they find you.

3. Your Hours, Your Time:

If you want to hit the pavement and crush it with your mobile business, you can! You set

your hours. If you want to work 80 hour weeks because you are finally doing what you

always wanted to do, no one is stopping you. If your business is seasonal, you can

budget your time accordingly to maximize revenue when the time is right.

4. No Utilities:

Yes, you will owe a certain amount for the power supply to your trailer, but again, like

with rent, when it’s not in use, you don’t have to pay for it! It powers down and lowers

the pressure on you to make something happen while the heat and air conditioning are


5. Your Passion:

Have you ever noticed when you are doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work

at all? You work hard, you put in more dedication, and you exude more focus. People

notice, which is why they will flock to your horse trailer bar or mini home on the road.

Harness your passion, and you’ll never work a day in your life!

Campfire Trailers

If you’re ready to earn anywhere from $800 to $1,000+ per day doing what you love to do,

whether that’s a mobile café car, a portable floral shop, or a pet grooming business on the go,

consider the low risk reward for investing in just one mobile business trailer.

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