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Affordable Tiny Home Living

Tiny Home Living: Why Horse Trailers Are More Affordable Than Tiny Homes

As of 2016, 34.1% of 25-35 year olds were living at home with their parents. The millennial generation, reared during a Great Recession and saddled with insurmountable college debt, are having a harder time securing land and a home they can call their own today. Whether it’s financial reasons or not wanting to leave their parents, over one-third of them are staying right where they grew up.

Enter: Tiny Home Living

Coined by Home Renovations channels over the last decade, innovators and builders have turned their attention to a tinier market – one that is willing to live in a smaller space if it means they can afford it and still have money leftover to travel. 

We’ve seen prefabricated homes, box cars turned into lavish mansions, and outdoor barns transformed into country luxury. However, as tiny homes have become increasingly trendy and popular, so have their price tags. Once again, millennials are pushed out of a market they can’t meet given available salaries and average debts today. That’s where our team comes into the picture. We’re making something small, adorable, and mobile affordable again.

Tiny Home Horse Trailers

Here at Campfire Trailers + Campers, we are repurposing old and unused horse trailers, turning them into live-able, moveable, and completely functioning mini homes. Using the structures already afforded to us from the original trailer design, we are able to make everything from multiple-room tiny houses to cupcake bakeries on wheels!

As millennials ourselves, we understand how impossible the housing market is today. We also understand wanting to stay close to home and raise a family in a community. Lastly, we get the appeal of a smaller home unit so we can pick up and travel whenever we have time.

If you’re ready to have some independence again, consider one of our Campfire Trailers today.

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