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Age of Tiny: Why Tiny Homes Will Be Millennials’ Preferred Housing

Up from years past, millennials are living with $42,000 of student loan debt upon graduating today. Immediately placing the generation in a financial bubble that is impossible to climb out of with regular, entry level jobs, young adults are staying home longer. Partially due to the comfort, partially due to the lack of options, millennials want a community that they can afford, and the ability to travel when their funds permit it.

That’s why they’re buying tiny homes in droves.

Whether it be in small campers, tiny trailers or repurposed horse trailers, millennials have no problem settling down in a tinier abode if it means financial and personal independence.

Here are just a few reasons why young adults are so about the mini today:

1. Debt: 10-years ago, the average student had $32,000 of student loan debt. In just 10-years, the statistic has climbed $10,000 per person, as job openings dwindle in number. The market availability is getting smaller, while the debt is getting larger. Many millennials are unable to financially dream of moving out at this point.

   2. Travel: Thanks to Instagram and social media, travel has never been bigger. We all want to jet-set today, knowing what is actually out there (I am not immune to this!). With a tiny home, the upkeep and management of the property while someone travels, is far less stressful than a massive mansion. It provides you with options to get up and go.

3. Community: Millennials want communities and suburbs for their children. They want to stay close to home so their kids can know their grandmas and grandpas. Although land might be too expensive, tiny homes can be parked on preexisting land as permitted by the county and state. Millennials can have the community they always wanted.

Campfire Trailers

As millennials ourselves, we’re guilty as charged when it comes to all three of these reasons above. That’s why we started Campfire Trailers + Campers.  We’re taking something old, and making it something new, giving you options again. If you want to check out our repurposed horse trailers turned tiny houses, feel free to reach out and give us a call. We always stock an inventory of tiny houses for sale.

We’re part of the Age of Tiny, and proud of it!

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