About Our Trailers

Did you know?

Campfire Trailers, vintage camper bars, mobile horse trailer bars

  • That we spend more than 160 HOURS sanding each trailer?
  • That the trailers we salvage are on their way to the local landfill?
  • That we are a family-owned, female business?

We scour the countryside of Upstate New York, looking for old trailers that are often rotting away in the back corner of a farmers property. These old pony trailers usually end up filled with junk or weeds while getting ready for their final journey to the junkyard.

After we pay for them, we trailer them back to our workshop and begin the redesign process. We start by imagining what the trailer originally looked like and let the piece dictate to us the direction it wants to go in. Would it shine brightest as a mobile bar? Or would it be best suited as a cozy spare bedroom? A "she-shed"? A "he-shed"?

Usually the trailer will “speak’ to us and we get our inspiration from that. 

Since all of our trailers are considered vintage (30-50 years old or older!) they come with their share of bumps, bruises and imperfections, and that’s how we like it. That’s what makes each one unique. 

When we are designing, we strive to leave as much of the original trailer as possible. For example, if the trailer comes to us with 5 original window/door handles but only 4 actually work, we will still choose to keep them intact so we can keep the trailer as historically vintage as possible. Also, our welders don’t strip the metal body down to the bare ribs like some outfitters do. It doesn’t make sense to us, at that point, you might as well buy a new aluminum trailer!

At Campfire Trailers, we love to take things that others see as “junk’ and surprise everyone with a finished product no one could have imagined. Talk to us about your vision, no idea is too zany for us to consider. After all, we are in the business of creating Dreams on Wheels.

~Alex and Lisa